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Q: We have a logo and not sure of the best procedure, should I look at heat seal, a Peel-N-Stick Embroidery, standard plastic backing etc?

A: We have several options depending on the level of permanency you need.
Peel-N\-Stick Embroidery™ – temporary
Heat Seal – Permanent pending the application procedure
Plastic – must be sewn onto the apparel
Cork – just lay on the table and use as a coaster
Magnet – works just like any other magent, but yours will be embroidered
Place for ID card on back – perfect for an embroidered bag tag.


Q: Are there any other costs beyond the emblem production?
A: No other charges. There are no other fees, only what we quote you.
Q: Why are samples $100?

A: When we have to create a physical sample, we must create a DST embroidery file, create the sew out, pull from production line to ship to you for approval, then once approved put back on the production line for mass production. This is why most clients approve via our free email sew out proof process when any order is placed.

Q: Do you have a minimum order quantity(MOQ)?
A: Yes, our minimum order quantity(MOQ) is 100 pieces.

Indirect Embroidery

Q: What exactly is an Indirect Embroidery?
A:  Indirect Embroidery is an embroidered applique laser cut with intricate detail. When applied to a garment, it’s superior to direct embroidery in appearance, texture and lifespan.
Q: What makes an Indirect Embroidery different from a standard emblem?

A: It is created completely different from top to bottom and inside out from a standard embroidered patch. This difference is what allows it to deboss into the apparel and look like standard direct embroidery from the front. Along with this is the Certified Indirect Embroidery™ Licensees proprietary process of applying the IE’s onto the apparel which guarantees a permanent application under any standard wash and wear scenarios.

Q: How are the Indirect Embroidery applied?

A: All Indirect Embroidery are done by one our Certified Indirect Embroidery™ licensees. It is decorated using our specially proprietary heat process.


Q: Can I iron the heat seal-backed patch myself? If so, how would I do that (temps, etc.)?
A: Yes, you can apply the heat-seal patches yourself. We do have a manual on the procedure for doing this. Please send us a message for further inquiries.
Q: Does the Peel-N-Stick stick to fabric very well? What is its longevity?
A: Depends on what type of surface you apply it onto and how you take care of the backing when removing the PNS from the item.  For example, on fleece it will last less time due to pulling of the fabric onto the adhesive vs an oxford shirt that will keep the adhesive cleaner.  You could get anywhere from one use to over 50 pending how you care of it and what item it sticks to. ​

Production Timeline

Q: What if I need my order rushed?

A: Yes we can help you with rush order. After approval of email sew-out, Rush production fee is as follows:
Standard – 3-4 weeks.
Expedited – 2-3 weeks – 30% of total order
Rush – 1-2 weeks – 50% of total order
Miracle if even possible under 1 week – 75% of total order

Q: What is turnaround time once the sew out is approved?

A: Standard production is 3-4 weeks from date of email sew-out approval and receipt of Purchase Order. Email sew-outs take 3-5 days.

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