Screen Print Transfer


The best screen printing qualities without the drawbacks

Windswept Marketing has retained all the best qualities of standard screen printing with Screen Print Transfers. It’s a process that lets you brand with a screen print look and feel. You receive higher logo quality and integrity as it is created without the hassles of standard screen printing. Screen Print Transfers eliminate dead inventory because you only stock the transfers—a huge space and cost savings.

Screen Print Transfer advantages:


Looks and feels better than screen printing


Decorate as little as one garment at a time


Decorate with more detail in smaller areas


Four color, reflective and spot color available

  • Allows more vibrant colors, mass color combinations, and fine details with small text and images
  • No limitations on where branding is placed—use it across a panel on a hat, across seams, hat back straps, bags, portfolios and more
  • Stock multiple logos in diverse colors and sizes
  • Once your project is developed, there are no minimum order requirements

“As a supplier working directly with associations who have both time, and budgetary constraints, your company was the perfect match for us in servicing their needs. Amazing customer service paired with a quality product ensures that, when the time comes, I will reach out to Windswept Marketing again.”

Jim B.

Sports Marketing Representative

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