Indirect Embroidery™

Indirect Embroidery™… a permanent branding solution with no irritating backing and no puckering.

In-di-rect Em-broi-der-y ™ [in-duh-rekt] [em-broi-duh-ree] An embroidered appliqué laser cut with intricate detail. When applied to a garment, it’s superior to direct embroidery in appearance, texture, and lifespan.

Wow your clients with our Indirect Embroidery™ process.

Looks spectacular—no backing, no puckering

Eliminates dead inventory

Decorate on areas and materials you never could before

Cover decorating mistakes and save the day for clients

You won’t find a better-looking decoration on any garment

Windswept’s Indirect Embroidery eliminates the need for backing, so the decoration lies smoothly against the skin and your apparel won’t pucker around the decoration.

No more excess inventory!

Now you can create gorgeous embroidered logos and stock them in as many colors, sizes, and shapes as you need—without putting them on apparel. Apply the decoration just in time, when you need it. No more stockpiling decorated inventory, no more huge upfront costs or mass production needed. Period.

Decorate on areas you never could before

Because our distinctive process doesn’t penetrate apparel, we can decorate almost anywhere. Decorate on the bill or back strap of a hat, on a shirt collar, pocket, placket or cuff. We can decorate shoes, bags, and portfolios.

Indirect Embroidery ™ Gallery

“Indirect Embroidery™ looks better—the quality was better than I had seen before…it’s much more sustainable, with virtually zero waste, and the integrity of logos is second to none…”

Christina H.

National Accounts Manager, A major distributor

Outdated logo? Decorating mistake? No problem!

With our IE (Indirect Embroidery™) Overlay Program, you can cover a multitude of mistakes—and that means you save time and money. Things such as a misspelling, wrong color or size or wrong date are no longer a disaster. We simply cover the offending decoration—nothing shows from the outside.

Our Indirect Embroidery™ Overlay Program is a real lifesaver—it allows you to solve problems quickly and keep the original garment, saving it from the trash, and saving valued client relationships.

“One of our clients mistakenly approved a wrong embroidery color on some caps they ordered. They called me, as one might expect, flustered. I called Windswept in a ‘calm’ panic and was assured they could help…Upon receipt the owner and my buyer were ecstatic, Windswept Marketing had saved the day…the logo looked as it should on the outside—as if it was originally embroidered on the caps from the get go.”

Marie K.


Take the next step!
Create your Indirect Embroidery™ CDP (Custom Design Prototype)

The best way to share Indirect Embroidery’s incredible advantages is to order your own prototype. Reach out to us today so we can connect you with one of our select few Certified Indirect Embroidery™ licensees who will help you with your contract decoration or full service decoration needs.

Step one

Simply send us your digital logo via email—we’ll do a sew out in 2-3 days and share with you via email. Once approved, we create the IE.

Step two

Meanwhile, please ask your client to send two pieces of apparel they want decorated. If possible, please send us apparel that already includes direct embroidery—this makes comparing IE to direct embroidery really simple.

Step three

We will use one piece of apparel for testing and send the other perfectly decorated piece back to you. It takes between one and three weeks to complete this process

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