Our Indirect Embroidery ™ (IE) Licensing Program is your chance for explosive business growth.

As a contract decorator, wouldn’t it be great to have something new and different to offer clients? Now you can! Indirect Embroidery ™ can be a powerful tool in your business; ask us about becoming a licensee.

As a licensee, you receive the IE decorations we provide, and you apply them to apparel as needed. When you partner with Windswept Marketing, you’ll receive all the support you need to be successful. We provide production team training, testing support, and sales and marketing support.

We have created sample ROI scenarios; please contact us to discuss in detail.

Some advantages of partnering with Windswept:

  • Help you get in the door and experience dramatic business growth
  • Lets you do it yourself, harnessing the quality and uniqueness of Indirect Embroidery ™, a process that requires no backing and no puckering
  • Gives you more control of your schedule, when and where items ship
  • Provides partnerships with other decorating businesses for overflow situations
  • Allows you to decorate as little as one garment at a time
  • Ideal for establishing J.I.T. programs
  • Decorate in places standard embroidery never would work—no hooping needed



Join the decorating revolution; become an Indirect EmbroideryTM Licensee

Find out more: Catalog for Licensees

We met Windswept Marketing at the 2015 ASI Show where we discovered Indirect Embroidery ™ (IE). Shortly after that meeting, we visited their North Carolina facility to discuss the opportunity to purchase a license agreement and the equipment to apply the IEs.We decided to become a licensee, and we have the exclusive rights to this process in our area. We recently landed a new account worth $200K – $300K annually. We got this account strictly due to having the IE process.

Tim Holdway

Dogwood Marketing