Case Studies

Have these situations or challenges happened to you? Let Windswept save the day!

Situation: A distributor’s client is hosting a special upscale corporate event with a partner and wants their staff and the partner’s staff to wear co-branded dress shirts. They already have some embroidered dress shirts but need to get the partner’s branding on those shirts, and they need to look great!

Solution: Indirect Embroidery ™ (IE)! We can create the partner’s logo with this unique Intellectual Property, matching size and color requirements exactly. And our Certified Indirect Embroidery™ Licensee can place those logos almost anywhere on the shirt because IE doesn’t need backing and never puckers!

Situation You have a rain slicker, leather wallet or other item that cannot be easily decorated, but it needs to be branded for an event. If you try to decorate the item chances are it will jeopardize the item’s integrity.

Solution Use our Peel-N-Stick Embroidery™ on the item for instant branding. Adhesive backing that peels off lets you decorate for a day or as long as needed. And you can partner with others to co-brand and co-message.

Situation: A client needs to differentiate themselves from the competition with their business proposals, thank you cards, or holiday cards.

Solution: Create a Peel-N-Stick Embroidery™ with your company name. Then apply the Peel-N-Stick Embroidery™ to the letter, card or any marketing piece for a one-of-a-kind item. It’s a great way to reference your business correspondence or card when you make a follow up call.

Situation: A distributor’s corporate client mistakenly approved a co-branded embroidered cap, and one of the logos was the wrong color. There were no more caps available for purchase, so the client needed a solution.

Solution: The distributor called Windswept and our Certified Indirect Embroidery™ Licensee was able to use an Indirect Embroidery Overlay to solve the problem. The incorrect logo was covered completely and looked as if it had been originally embroidered on the cap. The distributor and his client were ecstatic.

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